A Dark History of Tea – Available Now

Seren is the author of A Dark History of Tea ( published by Pen & Sword in 2020).

This book has attracted attention globally alongside many positive reviews.

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“My kind of book!”

Hardback edition

Reading this book has had me in the same mind frame as when I was watching Netflix’s Tiger King. Which is a big compliment trust me because with Tiger King, I went into it as naive and thinking I knew what I was getting, but then the series took mad turns, with drama, conspiracy, and corruption that led to countless meme’s and a world obsessed for that month it aired. The Dark History of Tea is similar, it took me down a dark rabbit hole with each chapter bringing in new element of drama. Aren’t tigers supposed to be cute and tea supposed to be a comforting drink?

The history of tea is dark, filled with opium, profit hungry governments, racism, addiction, sex: assault and seduction and adulteration. Charrinton-Hollins is a great story teller, her passion for the topic certainly comes across which is enhanced by her profession as a food historian. The book is filled with anecdotes which are enjoyable and I particular enjoy her final chapter that went into the supernatural traditions of tea and gives a guide into how to read my own tea leaves. If I must give a criticism for the book it would be that some anecdotes may offend some audiences, (so if you don’t enjoy dark histories this is not for you!) and that there are some instances that the author unnecessarily repeats herself, but this doesn’t take away from the finished product.

If you like tea and the underbelly of histories I highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed it and got a lot more in turn of scandals and drama that I would have expected glazing over at my favourite cup of tea.

“A fascinating book to read – accompanied, of course, by a pot of your favourite Rosie-Lea!”

Hardback edition

Oh what a wonderful book this is and with a very appropriate title. I was always aware that tea had a dark history but Seren Charrington-Hollins has made a wonderful job of shining light into all sorts of obscure corners and in the process showing the reader what a rotten bunch the East India Company were and what a conniving lot all the British Governments were from its founding in 1600 to its disbanding in 1874.

If you have more than a passing interest in tea and/or how rapacious the British Governments were in the 17th/18th and 19th Century, you really should read this book – accompanied, of course, by a pot of your favourite Rosie-Lea!

Revolting Recipes from History – Coming Soon

Her latest book is Revolting Recipes from History is due for release in October 2021 and is promising to offer an insightful look into dishes that are considered both delicacies and disgusting – proving that revulsion is just a matter of taste.